The Man Who Wasn't There

I didn't think the Coen brothers could do better than Fargo
(see below), and when a friend told me this was better than that great film, I admit I was skeptical. However, it is better than Fargo. It is very different, not so thick with the Coen brothers' distinctive black humour, but The Man Who Wasn't There is a stunning movie in terms of both its moving storyline and as an example of the film-making art. Beautiful. Inspirational. Buy it.

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A wonderful black comedy about a kidnapping that goes wrong as a bungling, small town car salesman has his wife snatched by two out-of-town killers in order to get a million dollar ransom from her rich farther. Understated, dark, yet supremely funny, this is one not to be missed.

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Monsters, Inc

What do you mean, "but it's a kids' film"? Lighten up, for goodness sake. It's fabulous enjoy it (worth buying for Mike's New Car alone!)

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Shrek is a wonderful film, even better than Monsters, Inc, in fact. It is a kids' film, but there's more than enough subtle jokes and references in there for the adults to ensure that repeated viewings never become a bind. Easily on a par with Toy Story 2. Maybe even better.

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