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Martin Sketchley says:
"If you're bored of this site already, then this page offers you the opportunity to go directly to some others that might be of interest. Go on, be off with you."

A few author links...

The Script Doctor: Legendary (possibly notorious) SF editor John Jarrold is now offering his services as a freelance 'script doctor' for unpublished manuscripts at highly competitive rates.

The British Science Fiction Association is a must for anyone into SF in all its forms, whether written or media. If you become a member you'll get six mailings a year, each of which includes Matrix and Vector, with writers' magazine Focus making a twice-yearly appearance. Further details, membership rates and contact information and much other stuff can be found on the website, as can a series of articles called An Ironing Board on a Duck Pond, which are written by someone called Martin Sketchley.

The BBR Catalogue - your first choice for quality small press books and magazinesBBR-Online is one of the best resources for new writers, offering small press and slipstream magazines and paperbacks from all over the world, as well as the unique, award-winning magazine, Back Brain Recluse. Absolutely essential for new writers trying to find markets for their work.

TTA Press publishes among other things The Third Alternative, the most beautiful small press slipstream and speculative fiction magazine available anywhere in the world today. Stunning presentation and artwork is complemented by astonishing texts from some of our planet's finest writers. An example of what a magazine should be. Subscribe and keep each issue as an artistic artifact in its own right.Amnesty International on-line

Amnesty International is a serious one. We can say what we like. We can upload web pages and state our beliefs about anything virtually without recourse. In many countries people get shot or tortured for doing just that. Visit the Amnesty site and, as they say so often in Coronation Street, think on.