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Tamworth's music scene was once thriving, particularly from the late 1980s to the early 1990s. There was even an annual festival in the castle grounds.

Emma Gibbs Loves Badges was part of that scene, and for about a year, from 1989 to the beginning of 1990, Martin Sketchley was a guitarist with the band. That year changed his life forever.

Below is a selection of Emma Gibbs memorabilia. Band membership changed as people came and went, which accounts for some inconsistencies in the photographs. Click on the thumbnails to see the images at a larger size.

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An incarnation of Emma Gibbs Loves Badges, autumn 1989: Lee Revelle (vocal), Nicola Musgrove (guitar), Martin Sketchley (guitar), Jim Goodman (drums), Spencer Ireland (bass)

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rare band photos!

On December 4th 1989 the Gibbers played at Newcastle Polytechnic, supporting then-hip indie-popsters Kitchens of Distinction.

Martin's cousin, Shaun Hollis, drove the van and took photographs. The gig was somewhat hampered by the fact that Spandau Ballet were playing over the road, and that the audience seemed somewhat reluctant to let go of the bar until the Kitchens came on stage. Rounding it all off nicely was the fact that the van ran out of petrol just as the band got back to Tamworth at around 6am.

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more Newcastle Poly photos

On July 18th, 1989, Emma Gibbs played at a pub in Derby called the Lord Nelson. The agreed fee was 30 plus 10% of the bar take; the band got 35, with most of the bar take accounted for by the Gibbers' entourage.

One particular highlight was a drunken man demanding a free copy of the demo tape for his girlfriend. In truth, the gig was doomed from the start, when Jim and Martin left the posters on the train and had to get Lee to produce replacements.

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more Lord Nelson photos

more Emma Gibbs stuff

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