Martin Sketchley says:
"I've had some stuff published. There's been other stuff, too,
 but I've either forgotten about it or failed to keep details.
What do you mean, 'that's not very impressive'? "

The Affinity Trap, a novel published by Simon & Schuster on February 2nd, 2004. Read the blurb here, or just get a copy.

Puppy Fat
Borderline mainstream in tone, this story deals with the dark secrets we all hide, and the way events can alter the course of our lives. Inspired by the work of Nicholas Royle, Chris Kenworthy and Joel Lane, this was published in the Pulp Faction anthology Girlboy in September 1999, which can be purchased direct from via the hyperlink below.

"girlboy unzips texts about love, sex and all that stuff, fresh from the hard drives and floppy discs of some of britain's most creative new writers."

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[Note: Girlboy includes adult material.]

For the Chop
The story of a Battle of Britain fighter pilot catapulted into an alternate future was published in the final issue of Flickers 'n' Frames in May 1998.

The Acquired Skill of Undoing Bras
A father's desire to hasten the achievement of the great ambitions he has for his son yields unexpected results in a story that highlights the potential dangers of crossing ethical boundaries. Published in Xenos, December 1996.

A slipstream urban horror story about the bus queue from hell. Published in Threads, November 1996.

Morals Profane
The Profanitarians and the Moralists are at opposing poles in this story whose underlying theme is human hypocrisy. Martin's first published work of fiction, Morals Profane appeared in Xenos in December 1995.

Martin also made a contribution to The Tiger Garden: A Book of Writers' Dreams, edited by Nicholas Royle and published by Serpent's Tail for Amnesty International in December 1996.


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