The Destiny Mask

"...this Sketchley stuff looks pretty damn good..."
The Agony Column Book Reviews and Commentary

The Affinity Trap

"...a great combination of shameless entertainment with thought-provoking literature..."
The Agony Column Book Reviews and Commentary

a strong sense of humanity..."

— Interzone

"...a stunning debut."
— Ottakar's

"Sex with aliens is always tricky, and not just for the obvious reasons... In the best British SF tradition."
— The Guardian

"...the characters are fresh, feisty and vigorous... [there are] plenty of twists and turns before the shock ending. Good, pacy, racy, spacey stuff. Great anti-hero — gripping action and an interesting take on the whole addiction culture."
— Dreamwatch

"...a stonkingly wonderful, sheer bloody genius ending that most authors
 wouldn’t even dream of let alone write. Brilliant."

— Emerald City

"This spectacular debut superbly combines the suspense and skulduggery of a Tom Clancy thriller, the existentialism of Iain M. Banks and the operatic grandeur of Peter Hamilton..."
— Fantasy & Science Fiction Book Club

"[The Affinity Trap] is swift, sleek space opera, full of incident, exoticism and, indeed, eroticism."
— Ian R MacLeod

"The whole thing exudes confidence..."
— Christopher Priest

" encouraging debut novel..."
— The Alien Online

"...rousing stuff..."
— SFX (or scan)


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